Are you considering if you REALLY need an Engineer??
Then Read THIS Report

I have been specializing in engineering pertaining to the representation of NYC Tenants for over 30 years...and I have learned that the best advise is to get the best professionals to represent you if you need any tenant related advise or help.

MOST NYC Tenants can benefit from utilizing a SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER who is an expert about the NYC tenant system including: DHCR matters, TENANT RIGHTS, NYC Housing Code, Building Code of New York City, and all the other tenant matters that may require the "tricks of the trade".

As you probably know, the system leans towards the landlord...and the landlord can usually afford to do whatever it takes to win.

Tenants need an expert - knowledgeable in Tenants Rights on their side - to guide them through the maze, and to substantiate, and record their problems. A licensed engineer's report is taken very seriously by all NYC Agencies and courts, attorneys, and landlords.

One job I recently worked on, was preparing a report to the DHCR on an inadequate ventilation system for a high rise building in Manhattan. The Tenants want the system repaired -- and possibly stop the approval of two unrelated MCI's by the DHCR -- and maybe even win a building-wide rent decrease.

The DHCR inspected the ventilation system with the Owner present. Each time they measured an apartment, the superintendent apparently readjusted the system to get maximum ventilation readings in each individual apartment. The ventilation system thus measured airflow numbers similiar to a jet engine. When I measured the airflow, without readjusting the system, the airflow was way below Building Code requirements. You can just imagine my rebuttal letter...

Even simple things like broken plaster, holes in walls, garbage in hallways, excessive noise, windows that are difficult to open, low water pressure...all have resulted in rent decreases because of my reports. And very possibly saved tenants from injuries resulting from dangerous conditions -- like a ceiling falling down and seriously injuring a tenant (actual client) -- which happens once too often.

If a Tenant tries to tackle the system alone, his/her problem, sometimes no matter how serious, will just be thrown out with the garbage. James Taylor sang "The squeaky wheel gets the grease..." -- and the squeakiest wheel gets squeakier when a Professional Engineer gets involved; because my reports will not be ignored or simply passed over - or circular filed.

I will keep the system working for you.


Joel Teicher, P.E.
The NYC Tenants' BEST Friend


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